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Advantages of Using Sample Express

Adds Value to your Supply Chain Your sample fulfillment process is done consistently and controlled for multiple production sites with Sample Express taking responsibility and being held accountable. Shipping samples the day the order is received in a recyclable professional package relieves your personnel spending time chasing samples or paying extra freight to rush a shipment.

Co$t Management You pay only for the services you use. Cost effective use of laboratory, plant or Q/C personnel as they are not being pulled away from their primary function for sample fulfillment. Sample Express is staffed to handle unanticipated demands.

Customized Services Your and your customer's needs are unique. They can differ by business unit, market, product and are subject to change. Sample Express is flexible and responsive tailoring sampling services and reports executing changes within days.

Dedicated Personnel Our only business is fulfilling the sample process of our customers. We have on site Customer Service Representatives that answer the phone in your name or receive electronic sample requests via E-mail or web site providing real time customer communications. Personnel are trained and certified in the proper packaging, labeling, documenting and reporting of samples for domestic or international shipping. We are audited by customers and controlling agencies.

Proven Track Record Sample Express has continued to grow since 1990, when founded by individuals with many years of experience in chemical distribution, computer systems and customer service. We still provide services to that first customer. The sample fulfillment process has evolved over the years from simple pull, pack and ship due to customer requirements, TSCA, DOT and other governmental and country regulations.

A Strategic Partner Sample Express partners with our customers and suppliers for the long term. We recognize it is our customer's sample fulfillment process that we are to execute. We expect to be held to our customer's highest standards while being low maintenance. Sample Express can be of service to you.

Logistics Savings Same day shipment utilizing most cost effective shipment method; such as standard ground transportation services, minimizing your need to "rush" samples next day air thus saving you transportation dollars.